rTorrent and bashpodder on DNS-323

I have finally been able to get rTorrent and bashpodder playing together on the DNS-323 NAS. In short bashpodder acts as the RSS feed reader and downloads the torrent file to a directory that rTorrent watches and then rTorrent kicks off the torrent download. Its light and NOT a resource hog (which is important for the DNS-323 as its got little resources to start with).

Please see my write up at the DNS-323 hack forum.

The folks and VoIP

Well at long last the folks figured out how to call me using the SIPbroker PSTN gate way in Milan last night.

What is it about old people, you try to be very very clear on what they need do but they get it wrong.

To start with they couldn’t get through to the SIPbroker PSTN number correctly – I have no idea why.

Eventually they got through to the Milan SIPbroker PSTN gateway number fine, however, when they entered the number in for me at the prompt (by the way my SIPBroker alias is *011612409) they would then press the ‘send’ button on the mobile they were using, this would mess it all up as SIPBrokers DTMF would recognise the ‘send’ key-press as well. You see what I mean!

Eventually, after they called me the old expensive way I finally told them of the error of their ways and after a few more tries they got through.

I must say the quality of the conversation was very good, good clear voice and very little lag. This is extremely good given the lack of $$$ you pay for the service.

Good one SIPBroker! Well done Mum & Dad!


Wow, this is a very cool extension for firefox, check it out if you get the chance.

My bike broke


My trusty 1977 Honda 400/4 Super Sport let me down at uni the other day. I think it is the ignition switch/barrel not making contact some-where in side it.

Off to the wrecker for me to find a new barrel/assembly.

I’m currently getting around on a jazzed up Vespa PX200, its noisy, Candy Apple Red and shiny, it does however get me from A to B which is all I need it to do.

Brother MFC-440CN and the eeePC (701)

My wife has been bothering me for some time about her eeePC not working with our printer. Today I finally got around to fixing it. Thanks to this blog I was successful.  Having learnt from Adam’s experience I first created the directory…

mkdir /etc/printcap.local

then copied /etc/printcap to /etc/printcap.local by…

sudo cp /etc/printcap /etc/printcap.local

After that I also created the directory…

sudo mkdir /var/spool/lpd.

Passing the command…

dpkg -i --force-all --force-architecture mfc440cnlpr-1.0.1-1.i386.deb

installed the lpd without a hitch. I then installed the CUPS driver using…

dpkg -i --force-all --force-architecture mfc440cncupswrapper-1.0.1-1.i386.deb

and this to was successful.

I then went into the eeePC’s printer setup and added a new printer.

  • Type = Network printer
  • Attribute = “other”
  • Path = socket://192.168.x.xx:9100 (you will need to put the IP address in this bit for your network setup)
  • Selected brother for the manufacturer and then selected the MFC-440CN driver from the list which will be there now thanks to the steps we have previously taken.
  • After this I selected ‘yes’ to print a test page.

It worked. Wohoooo!

My wife loves me again, she is now busy making up for lost time and furiously contributing to the deforestation of Indonesia.

IP Dialing and the SPA3102

My father has just traveled to Italy and will be there for about 2 months, while he was there it would be handy for him to call me cheap, enabling IP dialing on the SPA3102 will achieve this along with the usage of SIPBroker.  In effect he will be IP Dialing my ATA (seem as though Mynetfone doesn’t allow other VSP interconnection).

I followed the instructions set out in the very helpful website http://www.voipstuff.net.au/IPDialling.html.

Fortunately I have a static IP so the requirement to use dynDNS was not needed.  Due to the network I run at home the  STUN server method didn’t work.  To get around this I entered my IP number in the EXT IP option on the SIP Tab.  For the option “Send resp to src port” I marked it YES.  The rest of the instruction at voipstuff were followed.

At first I could call my phone and I could hear but the receiver could not hear me.  I eventually tracked this down to be a port rule problem so opened and forwarded the appropriate ports to the ATA.

I’m pleases to report that it all works, now I just need to have Dad call the SIPBroker PSTN number in Milan and try it out!

The Global Fin’ Criss and Big Baths

I’m currently studying Decision Analysis at Uni.

All these big big companies around the world (of particular note Japan and of course USA and UK) are making massive losses, and even first reported losses in the history of the Company a-la Toyota. Sure these a re a result in losses taken (in some cases) securitised mortgages and default swaps etc, however, surely not all the company performance can be blamed on the GFC. This got me thinking, how is it that these companys can go from healthy profit to losses in 12 months? I recon, and this is only my opinion, that the management have said “Its a really crap year, lets take a big bath”.

Big bath’s are taken when management recognise that fin budgets are not going to be achieved so they make sure they set up things for next year so they have a good year. This is often done with restructuring charges or some other abnormal charge or expense, lets call it a GFC charge.

There, I have put this in black and white. It will be interesting to see what Toyota’s results are next year – I say modest profit probably helped along by a reversal of some provisional charges made this year.

A start of a jouney

I’m going to Italy next year – June to be precise for the Milan – Taranto rally. Its starts in Milan and ends in Taranto (funny enough). My father – Renato De’Pannone raced in 2008 and has left today for Italy to compete again in this years (2009). He is racing a Lambretta TV175 S3.

I finish Uni (BA. Comm. Major in Accounting and Business Law if anyone has a well paying job going) next year and thought it fitting to celebrate, the chance to go to Italy again and race was to good to pass up – so I didn’t.

This blog will mostly follow my prep and participation in what the purest call a “re-enactment” of the original race/s that took place in the 1950’s.

So, what am I riding I hear you all ask, I will be riding a MV Agusta 350 from the early 1970’s. It is a twin cylinder bike that is currently awaiting restoration. Its fairly clean but to be sure I will, over the next few months, be pulling it apart, rebuilding the engine, painting the frame and tank and other bits then putting it all back together in time for shipping to Italy for its big day, the start of the MI-TA. Ill get some photos posted soon of ow it looks.

Hello all.

I enjoy technology and Linux, I run my own server so I created this so that I can keep anyone that’s interested up to speed on what I’m up to.

I’ll be making it pretty as I go so stay tuned.