Arch linux and open box

The other day my laptop borked. I think it was a combination of a file system error and a dodgy stick of RAM. In any event, my arch linux installation didn’t work so I thought it a good oportunity to installa fresh one and completely change the way I use it.

To this end I have decided to go very light weight

Openbox WM (this thing is just great, bare minimum, customisable greatness)
Mutt (with side bar patch!);
Firefox (not light weight I know but elinks just doesn’t do what a browser I use needs to do);
Urxvt (cos I want to be l33t);
No dock or pager or login manager bloat just unclutered goodness;

I think that’s it. It is now practically unuable by anyone but me which is in a way fun.

I’m at uni studying and am bored.