EC2 Ubuntu 10.04 Apt-get upgrade

The other day, like a good admin, I attempted to keep my Ubuntu 10.10 EC2 instance up to date and performed and apt-get upgrade, it failed horribly as alluded to in one of my earlier posts and resulted in my getting to sleep at 1 in the morning.

The offending package was java-6-sun and it is a known bug for 10.10 (see this link).

In any event I followed the fix, shut down the instance )(after creating a backup AMI just in case), started it again as a small instance and performed the upgrade without a hitch.  The only thing I am now concerned about is the fact that it would appear there are reports that the instance remains unstable!!  This is not something I need so will look at a dist upgrade shortly but I concerned at what other issues this may introduce.

EC2 Instances and EBS

Here are a few things I have recently learnt about EC2 instancess:
1. I think (but am yet to test again and confirm) an attached EBS will be dropped when you create an AMI from a currently running Instance.
2. Before you apt-get upgrade create an AMI as a back up, its just to much heart ache creating eveything again – especially when its a “I’ll just do this before I go to bed l” late Sunday night and then don’t get to be till 1am because your last AMI was created a week ago and now you have to rebuild a recently installed wordpress blog.
3. Make sure you at least attach an EBS and mount it to store your email, at least then when 2 above happens your golden for your emails.
4. Seriously consider moving mySQL db to an EBS volume, wehn your micro instance falls over you have lost everything since the last AMI was created (or the last backup at least).

The move to EC2 rolls on.

Well I have flicked the switch on my email server at EC2 and its humming away as I write this.

So far so good but still some wrinkles to iron out, in particular the odd IMAP folder mapping that courier has (as opposed to my dovecote of old) and some issues that this is causing me on my Android Phone. With luck I will figure that out shortly.

Last thing to move will be a forum that I host for a motorcycle club I am in and then the ESX box can get turned off. I’m having a few issues with move on the forum as the MYSQL db is a different version on my old installation as compared to the EC2 instance and they are not playing nice together when I try to import the MYSQL dump.

The complication now is that I run my Subsonic server on a Fedora VM so it will be a bummer to have to turn that one of especially given I have licensed the subsonic server – lets hope I can use the registration serial number again.

Things that take you back

I pulled out an old suitcase that I packed almost 10 years ago (before I went to live in the UK for 2 years). At the time I was living in my grandmothers old house (who had moved out) and we needed to pack up her old house when we left.

From a young age I recall a cuckoo clock she had on the wall and although it was there when I moved in I wasn’t sure if we had thrpown it out – funnily enough I actually thought about the clock a little while ago and concluded its was gone.

Guess what was in the long packed suitcase – the cuckoo clock.

Its awesome, still works and keeps time.

Its great when you find thing you thought had been lost for ever

Hello from Bali!

I haven’t been to Bali for about 12 years but its changed.

Its a bit like a low rent Singapore (at least the shopping centres are).

The traffic is mad as always.

There are no mingy dogs.

There are no sidewalk watch sellers following you up the road.

No one has asked me for jiggy jig or drugs.

Its hard work with kids.

Bali has grown up. Food is about the same price as Perth (at the nice restaurants).

Exams over.

I’ve been a bit busy lately with exams at uni over the last few weeks taking up too much of my time.

They are all over now for me so this weekend was spent in the unit in Rockingham (just south of Perth). The picture below is from the balcony.

It 7am and the day is looking great.

TISM are still around

Well well well, just got an email from an old favourite Aussie band TISM.

“Hello. It’s been a while. Consider yourselves informed that TISM’s
entire back catalogue is, as of now, available via iTunes for your
digital purchasing pleasure.

That’s EVERY album.
EVERY single.
EVERY Compilation track, bonus edition and remix.

PLUS, more than 100 minutes in previously unheard iTunes exclusive bonus
tracks: private rehearsals, live takes, alternate versions and rejected
songs from throughout TISM’s 23 year history. For the first time
anywhere, hear the complete “NO PENIS-NO GOD” sessions – the gospel
album recorded by TISM in a desparate final gasp for salvation,
following gargantuan sins like the 1996 UK Machiavelli tour.

All downloads include digital reproductions of TISM’s ridiculous cover
art. Choose whole albums or purchase track-by-track for $1.69. Ain’t no
record companies involved, so your money goes straight to the band – for

1. iTunes is a free download. Check the google machine. install it.
2. type in ’tism’
3. buy the lot

at this time, the TISM catalogue is only avaialable via the AUSTRALIAN
iTunes store. We have already received sad words from those in Europe
and America needing an online TISM fix. If this situation changes, you
people will be the first to know.

If you don’t want to be on this TISM mailing list, reply with ‘remove’
in the subject.

we love you.

Flight of the Conchords

I’ve watched most of their Eps, today watched S02E05, the Carol Brown song is great, I love how all his ex girlfriends are made into a choir, very cool, check it out