EC2 Ubuntu 10.04 Apt-get upgrade

The other day, like a good admin, I attempted to keep my Ubuntu 10.10 EC2 instance up to date and performed and apt-get upgrade, it failed horribly as alluded to in one of my earlier posts and resulted in my getting to sleep at 1 in the morning.

The offending package was java-6-sun and it is a known bug for 10.10 (see this link).

In any event I followed the fix, shut down the instance )(after creating a backup AMI just in case), started it again as a small instance and performed the upgrade without a hitch.  The only thing I am now concerned about is the fact that it would appear there are reports that the instance remains unstable!!  This is not something I need so will look at a dist upgrade shortly but I concerned at what other issues this may introduce.

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