So, EZTV is back which is great but I noticed something odd.

One of my favorite shows, Burn Notice, on the EZTV site goes to s03e08 but on the EZRSS it goes only to s03e06. Has anyone else had this same problem? Looks like there is a sync issue between the site and the RSS feed (at least for Burn Notice).

I noticed some comments on their forum that they added VTV releases to the RSS feed. Looks like it a manual process of getting a scene into the RSS………..

Replacement for TVrss?

Well, it looks like TVrss has gone for good, at least that’s what I can gather from some comments on torrentfreak, anyhooo, what to do?

I say go to showRSS (http://showrss.karmorra.info/). In short you sign up, subscribe to your favourite feeds on their site then paste your personal RSS feed from showRSS into your RSS feed reader.

You will only have one RSS feed URL in your feed reader, showRSS does the work for you and will throw all the RSS enclosures at your feed reader for the various shows that you have subscribed to when there are now episodes released (and your feed reader asks for them).

Its good, it works, I’ve switched.