Sipdroid with Trixbox/Asterisk – How????

I have spend many hours trying to get my ADP1 phone running Sipdroid to register with my trixbox server. Its driving me nuts, really, it is.

Yes, I have changed the sip_nat.conf file and ensured it has…


I have tried it over WI-Fi on my LAN and over 3G. I was able to reguister OK – once then if fails there after. Strangely it will register only after you creat a new extension for sipdroid in trixbox.

Is it my NAT router doing something odd?

So, do you think I can get it to work. No, I can’t and its driving me NUTS! AHhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I think I’ll just buckle to it all and register with PBXes and then register a VSP as a trunk there and use it that way. Surely it couldn’t be this difficuly but apparently it is. Interestingly on the Sipdroid site it says something to the effect, we are smarter than you and have changed PBXes a little from a standard trixbox installation (obviously) so don’t bother wasting to much time trying to get Sipdroid working with your own asterisk box – it won’t work. This really shits me to be honest. Shouldn’t these kind of things be created to give the maximum amount of interopability.

So who has managed to get Sipdroid register and work with your own Trixbox/Asterisk server? Let me know how you did it – its killing me.

If someone at PBXes reads this – what changes need to be made to my Trixbox to get Sipdroid to work with it, come on guys…..