The move to EC2 rolls on.

Well I have flicked the switch on my email server at EC2 and its humming away as I write this.

So far so good but still some wrinkles to iron out, in particular the odd IMAP folder mapping that courier has (as opposed to my dovecote of old) and some issues that this is causing me on my Android Phone. With luck I will figure that out shortly.

Last thing to move will be a forum that I host for a motorcycle club I am in and then the ESX box can get turned off. I’m having a few issues with move on the forum as the MYSQL db is a different version on my old installation as compared to the EC2 instance and they are not playing nice together when I try to import the MYSQL dump.

The complication now is that I run my Subsonic server on a Fedora VM so it will be a bummer to have to turn that one of especially given I have licensed the subsonic server – lets hope I can use the registration serial number again.

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