TISM are still around

Well well well, just got an email from an old favourite Aussie band TISM.

“Hello. It’s been a while. Consider yourselves informed that TISM’s
entire back catalogue is, as of now, available via iTunes for your
digital purchasing pleasure.

That’s EVERY album.
EVERY single.
EVERY Compilation track, bonus edition and remix.

PLUS, more than 100 minutes in previously unheard iTunes exclusive bonus
tracks: private rehearsals, live takes, alternate versions and rejected
songs from throughout TISM’s 23 year history. For the first time
anywhere, hear the complete “NO PENIS-NO GOD” sessions – the gospel
album recorded by TISM in a desparate final gasp for salvation,
following gargantuan sins like the 1996 UK Machiavelli tour.

All downloads include digital reproductions of TISM’s ridiculous cover
art. Choose whole albums or purchase track-by-track for $1.69. Ain’t no
record companies involved, so your money goes straight to the band – for

1. iTunes is a free download. Check the google machine. install it.
2. type in ’tism’
3. buy the lot

at this time, the TISM catalogue is only avaialable via the AUSTRALIAN
iTunes store. We have already received sad words from those in Europe
and America needing an online TISM fix. If this situation changes, you
people will be the first to know.

If you don’t want to be on this TISM mailing list, reply with ‘remove’
in the subject.

we love you.

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