The folks and VoIP

Well at long last the folks figured out how to call me using the SIPbroker PSTN gate way in Milan last night.

What is it about old people, you try to be very very clear on what they need do but they get it wrong.

To start with they couldn’t get through to the SIPbroker PSTN number correctly – I have no idea why.

Eventually they got through to the Milan SIPbroker PSTN gateway number fine, however, when they entered the number in for me at the prompt (by the way my SIPBroker alias is *011612409) they would then press the ‘send’ button on the mobile they were using, this would mess it all up as SIPBrokers DTMF would recognise the ‘send’ key-press as well. You see what I mean!

Eventually, after they called me the old expensive way I finally told them of the error of their ways and after a few more tries they got through.

I must say the quality of the conversation was very good, good clear voice and very little lag. This is extremely good given the lack of $$$ you pay for the service.

Good one SIPBroker! Well done Mum & Dad!

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