showRSS and bashpodder still no play nice

This is really starting to depress me. showRSS is the shitzen but my RSS feed reader solution (bashpodder) is just not working with it. It will down load the first feed ann enclosure that appears but will not down load subsequent enclosures there after, this is still the case with just using the public feeds. So, its back to mininova feeds for me with the following added to each of tyhe feeds to ensure only the most recent is downloaded “?num=1” What a pisser. Any bash scripting gurus please feel free to chime in and let me know how to fix this in the script.

showRSS and bashpodder = no play nice

As happy as I was pissing about with showRSS it doesn’t work well with bashpodder. Strangley, if you have more than one TV show in your personal feed provided by showRSS it will grab the first enclousure but will not grab the subsequent ones. I tested it today by running bashpodder and noticing that all through showRSS said I had an ep of Burn notice and Fifth gear the bashpodder script would not get the Fifth gear enclosure. It was not until I deleted my subscription to Burn Notice that bashpodder grabbed Fifth Gear. 🙁

I’m not 100% sure why the heck this doesn’t work, perhaps its something in bashpodder that will not parse the other feeds if the first on the list is in the bashpodder history log. I notice when I subscribed to the showRSS feed in newsgator the most recent feed is at the bottom of the list as opposed to the top. Not sure if this is the problem, I’m no bash guru but perhaps someone can check out the bashpodder code and advise.

Anyhow, to get around this I have subscribed to showRSS feeds for each of the individual shows separately (ie, I’m not using my personal feed anymore). As long as it works I couldn’t give a rats.

Replacement for TVrss?

Well, it looks like TVrss has gone for good, at least that’s what I can gather from some comments on torrentfreak, anyhooo, what to do?

I say go to showRSS ( In short you sign up, subscribe to your favourite feeds on their site then paste your personal RSS feed from showRSS into your RSS feed reader.

You will only have one RSS feed URL in your feed reader, showRSS does the work for you and will throw all the RSS enclosures at your feed reader for the various shows that you have subscribed to when there are now episodes released (and your feed reader asks for them).

Its good, it works, I’ve switched.

ESX migration has begun

Well if you are reading this you’ll be pleased to know (at least I am) that I have migrated two machines to the new ESX box.

Its busy hosting the classic motorcycle forum on one VM and now my webserver etc in another VM. Swweeet! I can hear Western Power gasp as a large revenue stream starts drying up, namely me.

ESX Server

I am lucky enough to have a mate that from time to time gives me some of his old computer hardware. Recently he gave me a dual P4 2.4 Ghz XEON system along with (from memory) 5GB of RAM.

He installed ESX on it for me along with XP to only run the VI client – I feel a bit dirty running XP.

I am as happy as a pig in shit. Will slowly move my physical machines across to the new lump of hardware as VM’s using VMware converter.

Have already run into a problem getting an old Ubuntu 7.10 server install into ESX. It would appear that Ubuntu binds the NIC to a MAC and hence to an interface (eth0). ESX gives the VM NIC an new MAC address so its not getting on the network at the moment.

Looks like udev needs to be fooled into reassigning eth0 to the virtual NIC’s MAC address. Stay tuned (I’m sure you are all bursting to know what happens). down!

Ah bugger it all!

I just found this wonderfull site which has been around for year and now its gone.  Anyone have any idea what is going on or should I swap to showRSS??  The site says

Website downtime

Please check here soon!

In the mean time you can visit eztv at


Looks like mininova is doing some strange things which may have an impact on my ability to get my favourite Intl. TV shows. I came across the other day – it will nicely fix any problems by being an independent RSS feed source. Nice one.

rTorrent RSS with bashpodder Pt.2

We getting the DNS-323 to run the bashpodder script for the RSS feed to be used in rTorrent turned out to be trickier than I thought.

It basically boiled down to environmental variables in cron being different than for my user on the NAS.

I have solved this issue now, my post on the DNS-323 hack forum will help you here.

rTorrent and bashpodder on DNS-323

I have finally been able to get rTorrent and bashpodder playing together on the DNS-323 NAS. In short bashpodder acts as the RSS feed reader and downloads the torrent file to a directory that rTorrent watches and then rTorrent kicks off the torrent download. Its light and NOT a resource hog (which is important for the DNS-323 as its got little resources to start with).

Please see my write up at the DNS-323 hack forum.

The folks and VoIP

Well at long last the folks figured out how to call me using the SIPbroker PSTN gate way in Milan last night.

What is it about old people, you try to be very very clear on what they need do but they get it wrong.

To start with they couldn’t get through to the SIPbroker PSTN number correctly – I have no idea why.

Eventually they got through to the Milan SIPbroker PSTN gateway number fine, however, when they entered the number in for me at the prompt (by the way my SIPBroker alias is *011612409) they would then press the ‘send’ button on the mobile they were using, this would mess it all up as SIPBrokers DTMF would recognise the ‘send’ key-press as well. You see what I mean!

Eventually, after they called me the old expensive way I finally told them of the error of their ways and after a few more tries they got through.

I must say the quality of the conversation was very good, good clear voice and very little lag. This is extremely good given the lack of $$$ you pay for the service.

Good one SIPBroker! Well done Mum & Dad!