showRSS and bashpodder = no play nice

As happy as I was pissing about with showRSS it doesn’t work well with bashpodder. Strangley, if you have more than one TV show in your personal feed provided by showRSS it will grab the first enclousure but will not grab the subsequent ones. I tested it today by running bashpodder and noticing that all through showRSS said I had an ep of Burn notice and Fifth gear the bashpodder script would not get the Fifth gear enclosure. It was not until I deleted my subscription to Burn Notice that bashpodder grabbed Fifth Gear. 🙁

I’m not 100% sure why the heck this doesn’t work, perhaps its something in bashpodder that will not parse the other feeds if the first on the list is in the bashpodder history log. I notice when I subscribed to the showRSS feed in newsgator the most recent feed is at the bottom of the list as opposed to the top. Not sure if this is the problem, I’m no bash guru but perhaps someone can check out the bashpodder code and advise.

Anyhow, to get around this I have subscribed to showRSS feeds for each of the individual shows separately (ie, I’m not using my personal feed anymore). As long as it works I couldn’t give a rats.

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