Distinguished Gentleman’s “Ride” 2016

We went for a ride on our MV’s today.  Ron’s was fine, mine didn’t get to the actual start. It was the 2016 Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride.

Here is a pic of us both at the on the way to the start line in Kings Park, the start was in City Beach.

Didn't make it much further for me.
Didn’t make it much further for me.

Electrical issues again; bike stopped in Subi and then, after I decided to carry on again, in Perry Lakes.  It wasn’t raining when I broke down so all good but bike recovery services are always expensive on a Sunday.  I suggested to the recovery driver that he should hang around the ride today, about 1000 bikes means at least 1 more will break down.

Turns out the 350B isn’t charging.  I rode to Kings Park with lights on which drained battery.

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