Single Speed finished

Finally finished the single speed bike over the Christmas/New Year period – I recon it looks pretty good.

Compared to building motorbikes and motor-scooters it takes much less time, in fact, took me just a day to assemble once all the parts where to hand. The stripping of the frame of paint took many hours and was a real pain.

Have done around 150km on it so far over 4 outings. It rides well, very quiet but boy does it make you work on the hills!

Gear ratio I used is 46:17 which is pretty comfortable for me so far.

Some technicals specs of the bike…
Frame: Giant Cadex CFR-1 from the early 1990’s. Lugged carbon stripped to bare carbon and alumium and then clear coated in two-pack.
Saddle and post: Look Carbon post, Selle Italia Flite Gel
Rear Wheel: White Industries Eno Eccentric Hub, DT Spokes, Velocity Deep-V rim, 17T White Industries freewheel
Bottom Bracket etc: Shimano Dura-Ace 7700 Bottom Braket and cranks. Fyxomatosis 46T chain ring, Izumi Chain
Bars and Stem: Fyxation Rodeo Pursuit Bar, old Ritchey stem I had laying around, Cane Creek brake leavers.
Front Wheel: Shimano off my existing road bike till I decide what to do up front.

Single Speed

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