Benelli 750 Sei – Finished

It’s finished.

Last night we installed the various crankcase breather pipes, coils, 6 spark plugs, the 6 magnificent exhaust pipes, installed the fuel tank and filled it up.  The battery was a bit low so when the cranking started to slow down a bit I kicked it over using the kick starter.  Two prods and off it went.

It seems to runs well so far.  Less smoke now from all the cylinders all though number 2 started to get a little more smokey than the rest after a few minutes running – I’m guessing (actually I hope) that it should settle down once the rings bed in and the oil burns out of the exhaust pipes that exists from before rebuild.

Pics as always and a little video as a treat.  Sounds is average as its from my mobile phone but you get the general idea.

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