BBOS 10 and WhatsApp late 2018

I’m one of those odd balls that still uses a Blackberry, its a Blackberry Passport Silver Edition and it runs BBOS

From time to time I use WhatsApp, the problem being is WhatsApp stopped supporting BBOS at the end of 2017 so you have to find a work around to get it to work again.  Teh solution involves side loading an APK and installing a helper app called WhatsFixer.

My WhatsApp installation worked till a couple of day ago and then stopped working after warning me everyday fro the last month that I had to upgrade –  the version was too old (from Jan 2018).  I guess the application has a kill switch inbuilt  or something to stop  old versions with bugs being out in the wild for too long.

I had to install a new versions but the newest version (2.18.268) didn’t work properly.  It would install fine and WhatsFixer seemed to run OK (it’s hard to tell what WhatsFixer does).  Strangely with version 2.18.268 & 2.18.266 when you go to send a message to one of your contacts the app would crash after showing a box saying it had stopped working.

An odd work around is to deleted all the voice calls from the WhatsApp call history and then send a message – it will work, but, make another call and then try sending a message and it will crash again.

To get it working again without this “bug” I had to side load WhatsApp 2.18.105.  There may be later versions between 2.18.105 and 2.18.266 that work fine – let me know if anyone else out there has the same problem.

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