Email migration to Fastmail

During September I completed the migration of email from being self hosted and maintained email server to that of Fastmail.

I first heard of Fastmail around 10 years ago from a friend that I used to live with in the UK, he was in IT so I assumed Fastmail was a pretty decent offering for him to recommend.  Back then Fastmail also provided access to your emails using the IMAP protocol which to me, back then, was an amazing solution giving you the ability to have several devices with your email on and all kept “in sync” as the email wasn’t located locally, it stayed on the Fastmail servers.   This is a pretty common thing now days but 10 years ago POP was the most common.

Around 4 years ago I started using Fastmail as a back up mail server for the times when my own mail server went off line.

Fastmail have a migration tool which is very useful for moving all your existing emails at your old email host.

So far its been practically painless.  The only thing I have noticed is that the dates shown on some emails when I view through Fastmail’s webmail interface have been changed so that I have a block of email from some random date in 2012 and in 2013.  Not sure why this happened but a few support tickets later and Fastmail have fixed everything now so all dated correct.

So, if you are thinking about hosting your email with Fastmail I recommend you do.  Its all they do and they do it well.

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