Benzina Magazine – all finished….again

Benzina magazine – a low volume magazine about old Italian classic motorcycles has once again finished.  It had a little rest last year then cam back with  another 2 issues and one again finished up.

It was a great read and has had 13 issues over the past 4 years or so.  Here is a link to what is in Benzine 13…..

benzina-magazine-cover-13 benzina-magazine-cover-12

It mostly concentrated on 70′ era Italian motorcycles and was a good read given some of the bikes in the  magazine also live in our workshop so I can ride a magazine article sometime.

Any way.  We have all  13 and they will be a great reference source for years to come an to re-read.

Well done Benzina for publishing a real very good magazine with real content and almost no adverts.  It’s also a pleasure to the senses with high quality paper and printing used throughout (except issues 1 falls apart).

Anyway – here is to old Italian bikes from the 70’s.


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    1. I have issue 13 but I’m afraid it is the only one I have. Sorry I can’t be of assistance to sell but happy to take a photo of something in there if you need. Also, sorry to take 8 months to reply to your comment.

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