Started riding to work – need to get fit……

So I have done bugger all exercise now since I finished rowing in 2004, that’s 8 long years of doing stuff all.

I have been meaning to start doing something again for a few months and after getting sick and tired of the bus trips to work taking an hour (for a 14km journey) I though I may as well cycle to work.

Luckily a mate had a road bike he didn’t use, another mate lent me his cycling shoes and gave the bike a once over and so now, I have started to ride to work. This weeks the first week, its hard work but if I ride to and from work I’ll do close enough to 30km a day – that’s 150km a week if I ride every day. I’m guessing that doing this should have the desired effect of getting me fit and loosing the extra 5kg’s or so that I have slowly put on over the last 8 years.

I have installed a widget that displays my rides I upload to on this blog if any one cares to look.

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