Google Authorship and rel=auth

Have been battling with getting my websites and blog set up so that authorship of the blog and website pages points to me Google+ profile which in turn creates some proof of ownership of my website and blog because of the link. A side effect is that when you search Google for something and I happen to have written something about it (or if in fact you are searching for me website via Google) a little picture of my mug will come up next to the search result – which I recon is kind of cool.

I had some problems getting the blog set up. The two major problems I had were:-

  1. Understanding the significance/difference between rel=author tag and rel=me tag.
  2. Making sure the web-link in my profile were available to be viewed by anyone.

So what were the lessons learned I hear you say?

  1. The rel = author tag basically tells Google search engine that the page with this tag in it is a very important page and (in the case of a wordpress blog) to look at the page with that tag to then look for the html tag rel = me.  In turn, the rel=me tag points the search engine to my Google profile which as a result “connects” my blog to my Google+ profile. I guess a parallel are some of the sites that allow you to “claim” website as your, e.g. or the Verisign VIP service (via OpenID)
  2. One of the steps in the process is to make sure that your Google+ profile has a website link that points to your website (or blog) that you linking to your Google+ profile from, ie, the website that you have just added the rel=author or rel=me tags (or both) on.  Just make sure that the links on your Google+ page are available to be viewed by everyone, not just those in your circles (like I did).  If you restrict visibility to only those in your circle you will not obtain the full benefit of Google Authorship.

There are a few sites to look at about all this.  The main ones I used for my WordPress blogs were:-

  1. Google site about it all –
  2. and most importantly, in relation to WordPress blog –

These two sites should get you on yor merry way.

Enjoy your head next to search results with your site in it!

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