Retail prices here in Australia.

I just read on Gerry Harvey bleating about how the retail segment this year is going to find it tough because consumers in Australia are too tight to spend.

Here is a perfect example of why I and I guess others are choosing to spend at other electronic retailers.

Suppliers of electronic goods (goods which are largely a commodity now) are replaceable by any other retailer assuming they sell exactly the same product, you will normally go for the cheaper option, at the end of the day it boils down to time, are you willing to trade time waiting for a product for $$ saved.

At Dick Smith today I see they are selling the new Amazon Kindle 3g for AUD219 delivered. A quick check at Amazon finds I can get the thing delivered from the USA by 5 September (by priority international courier) for AUD194, that’s a saving of AUD25.

Now I’m not about to race out and buy a Kindle but its a basic example of how easy it is to save $$$ online in Australia.

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