MV350B on its way to Italy

The bike left in its crate today bound for Italy.

Its one of the final steps of a project that has turned out to be a little larger than I thought it was going to be – however, its al a learning experience.

Anyway – here are some pics of the bike in the crate.

I expect it to actually leave on the ship next Saturday with a transit time to Italy of about 40 days which should give us a few weeks of the bike in italy with out me there which is very decent indeed.

One of the things I did to get the bike into Italy is to get a Carnet de Passage. My only concern is that when they get it in Italy no one will know what the heck to do with a bike arriving on a carnet de Passage and procede to make life uncomfortable for me in getting the bloody thing out of customs – fingures crossed.

Pics as always.

In the crate - on ts way
In the crate - on its way

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  1. Hello,

    Interesting project you have and it has been great MV. Looks like you’ve done a great job. Have yourself a Mv 350, but the newer model. It is a 1975 model but needs restoration. Have plans to start next winter with the project, but need parts. Do you have wrote that you had gotten parts from Italy. Is it possible get the addresses of these? It would be much appreciate it.
    Good luck with your trip to Italy and hope you have a great trip. Regards A. Haavaas

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