IP Dialing and the SPA3102

My father has just traveled to Italy and will be there for about 2 months, while he was there it would be handy for him to call me cheap, enabling IP dialing on the SPA3102 will achieve this along with the usage of SIPBroker.  In effect he will be IP Dialing my ATA (seem as though Mynetfone doesn’t allow other VSP interconnection).

I followed the instructions set out in the very helpful website http://www.voipstuff.net.au/IPDialling.html.

Fortunately I have a static IP so the requirement to use dynDNS was not needed.  Due to the network I run at home the  STUN server method didn’t work.  To get around this I entered my IP number in the EXT IP option on the SIP Tab.  For the option “Send resp to src port” I marked it YES.  The rest of the instruction at voipstuff were followed.

At first I could call my phone and I could hear but the receiver could not hear me.  I eventually tracked this down to be a port rule problem so opened and forwarded the appropriate ports to the ATA.

I’m pleases to report that it all works, now I just need to have Dad call the SIPBroker PSTN number in Milan and try it out!

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