MV 350b – Update 3

Well things have moved along since last month.

Engine is all back in one large lump after replacing all bearings, oil seals and gaskets. We only have a parts manual to assist in the re-assembly but I’ve been there before.

Engine is now back in the bike and the majrity on bits now back where they should be.

the new exhausts look very nice but only the left side fits weel. The right side pipe appears to be missing and bend to get it hug the fram a bit which results in the exhaust sticking out at an odd angle.

Bought a battery for it today, will test for spark tomorrow night.

Tank at the painters getting white applied to knee cut outs along with decals and a clear top coat.

Hope to fire up this weekend assuming we sort out the exhaust.

Pic below from a week ago. Updates to come.

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