Sipdroid and trixbox – it works

Thanks to a few helpfull soles on the sipdroid site I have been succesful in getting sipdroid to register with my Asterisk server AND be able to make calls.

The trick is (thansk to Adrian)
In your sip.conf, comment out “secret = …”. Instead use the following: auth=username@password@host

I also made a change to the extension sipdroid runs on in asterisk and changed: qualify=no

Sipdroid registers to my asterisk box fine and is able to make and receive calls fine. As for the call quality – well that is another thing – keep in mind my testing to date is over Optus 3G.

The first issue I am having is that if I call someone’s mobile I loose the first say 10 seconds of the conversation, ie, I miss them saying “Hello” which starts the conversation off on a failry bad footing, the person I called is usually first heard by me saying” Hellllloooooo, any body there” or something to that effect – not great. Secondly there is still some lag. This is odd becasue I thought the lag I experienced using would reduce given the server I am regsitering to now is local and not in Japan.

Lastly, you need a very stable and good internet connection. I believe now that my data usage has doubled for calls I make as effectivley my asterisk box uploads and downloads from sipdroid AND it uploads and downloads to my VSP. Given the codec used in sipdroid is G711 data usage is high so keep that in mind – 80kbps up and down times two = 160kbps up and 160kbps down for a phone call.

Anyway, best of luck for anyone deploying sipdroid on their asterisk server. Let me know how you go.

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  1. Thanks for making a post about it. Maybe it is useful to post the complete config (or the relevant parts), If u do don’t forget to change the passwords 😉

  2. Hi all,

    I have android running on my Blaze Board Connected to LAN. I have installed Trixbox(Asterisk 1.6 PBX), Twinkle and QuteCom(Softphones supporting SIP) in my PC. I am able to call my one sipphone using the other by creating an extension in PBX settings in Trixbox.

    As far as my project is concerned, i need to connect my Sipdroid(on Blaze Board) to Trixbox and make a Call from Twinkle(installed in my PC).

    Is it Possible to Connect Sipdroid to LAN?

    How Should i Proceed!!!!

    Please Help Me!!!


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