ADP1 and cupcake 1.5 – no rooot!!!!

So I received my replacement ADP1 at the start of the week, all is good.

Having installed the fabulous app connectbot I had a poke around in the internal file structure on the ADP1 and tried to become root by using su. It says that that UID can not run su!!!! I thought that the ADP1 was rooted out of the box, short answer, it is, till you upgrade it to 1.5, then it isn’t.

This is a little annoying but I’ll live with it. What I need doing can hopefully be done using the adb tool supplied with the android SDK. The uni I go to has wifi but uses EAP and TKIP which I can not see in the setting available in the WI-FI GUI, as a result I need to hand code the wpa_supplicant.conf file and with luck i’ll get on-line.

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