Update – MV Agust 350B Sport

Frame has been stripped and powder coated Red as have most of the bits that would have once been painted Red (expect for the tank which will be painted still).

This week will be placing an order with a spares supplier out of Italy for the bits and pieces needed to finish the project including engine gasket kit and new set of pipes and mufflers.

Engine has been stripped down and appears to have had little use. This I expect was a result of the broken kick start shaft which I have replaced. New Piston rings required due to a broken one but no major damage to the bores.

Engine rebuild to start before Christmas then its full speed ahead once parts arrive to finish, get registered and ride to iron out the bugs before shipping it to Italy.

If something happens and its unable to go to Italy in time I have a back up ride for the MI-TA, it will be a Lamberetta TV175 (S3) that my father has riden in the rally for the last 2 years.

MV Agusta update 1

The other day I picked up the parts from the powder coters that have been coated in Flame Red. Parts include the Frame, triple clamps, upper and lower, chain guard, stand and several other bits and bobs. The guy that did it for me did a fabulous job, the finish is as good as any paint job I have seen, very smooth deep gloss. So now the majority of colour bits are done but I still need to have the tank painted and the rear tail light holder painted.

Have disasembled the wheels and have sourced some new stainless steel spokes which was not a cheap exercise. I have noticed that one of the wheels is painted silver, the other plain aluminium. Should be fun trying to get the paint off the aluminium given it’s not on the out walls of the rim, just the inside bit where the spokes come through. Should take hours – great! I think I’ll get Dad to polish them up including the huge drums so it will be pretty.